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So, you’ve been searching the internet like clockwork. You have signed up to automated emails highlighting for you of all the new properties on the market. You have even registered with all the local estate agents and given them a thorough breakdown of what you are looking for and the exact locations on your wish list. Yet, although you have done everything right, you are still having problems finding your next home. Why? It just doesn’t exist! If only I got a £1 for every time we were asked to simply move your dream house to different location!

The trouble is by doing that the property you love will more than likely be out of your budget. When you start your search you need to be realistic and do your research. What properties are available within your budget, and where are they located?

One of the biggest mistakes a person can make is giving too much weight to the photographs of a property. We work hard to ensure that the images you see are eye-catching and encourage you to view, but always remember a photo will only tell you half the story of a property. Nothing can prepare you for standing inside a space and seeing it with your own eyes. That feeling, the one that says you are home, is an experience which occurs only whilst you are stood within a property’s walls.

The perception you create of a property from photographs alone could be misleading; don’t make up the fiction of a property before you have been and discovered the facts for yourself.

Let’s talk about your list. You think you know what you want. You may have dreamed of it for many months, but it is only when you actually start viewing properties that you can start to ascertain what you really need. Go and view a variety of properties, even those that wouldn’t normally make your list, you will be surprised how much your list can start to change the more property you view. This way you will end up with the right home, rather than the one you think you want.

Have you ever thought that you may not actually be ready to move home? It may sound a strange thing to say, but if you are not mentally there yet no property will make the grade. You may have a strong emotional attachment to the property you’re living in and be finding it hard to say goodbye. Or you might simply be feeling overwhelmed by the entire process. Please don’t struggle alone, come and talk to my team about your concerns; we’ve met people in similar situations and just want to help, even if that means you taking a break until you are ready. If you’re in the process of looking for a new home, be honest with yourself. Are you being realistic? Are you keeping an open mind or being swayed by your perceptions of a property? 

Go and see those ‘wild cards’ and if you’re not ready, that’s fine. Your search should be fun, so if you’re struggling come and chat to our team and let us help you find that property you can call your home.

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